NEBOSH IGC Safety Course & Training Center in Kuwait

It is one of the most trusted health and safety qualifications in Kuwait and around the world. It teaches you everything you need to know and do to protect people from injuries and boost your company's performance.


National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH)

NEBOSH International General Certificate which specialises in occupational health and safety guaranteed world’ most demanding and admired certification programme.

Achieving the most popular NEBOSH course gives you better ways to handle uncertain situations at the workplace. A person who successfully accomplished NEBOSH training course gets the capability to check,intensively monitor and control many different pitfalls that arise in the work environment. A qualified NEBOSH training institute kuwait expertised in pragmatic way of handling high risky situations which are easily pertinent as per the requirements. A NEBOSH igc course has gained its name with the accurate safety measures endorsed worldwide with better ways to manage and contain the risk factors. An appropriate risk management helps in controlling many issues which arise in the organisation.

The best NEBOSH institute which has internationally verified accreditation focusing health and safety measures, to prevent hazardous and insecure practice at workspace by taking relevant actions to control it. A practical way of learning with the best trainers makes this certification a standardized approach which is being accepted globally. The best way to tackle a situation through effective risk management.

Factors which are enabled in NEBOSH IGC are

● Management of major aspects in health and providing phenomenal safety.

● Principles and techniques used during risk with effective practice while risk assessment.

● Closely Monitoring the workspace complications,mainly the common issues which include fire,electricity etc.

● Using various techniques to limit the risk or threat.

The NEBOSH IGC qualification is basically classified into two units, each of which is assessed separately

IG1: Management of health and safety (Four elements)

● The need for a powerful workspace health and safety.

● The different ways health and safety management systems becomes operational and what they look like.

● Managing risk- a deep analysis of people and corresponding processes involved.

● Validation and verification through phenomenal monitoring of health and safety.

IG2: Risk Assessment (Seven elements)

● Mental and physical health.

● Musculature and skeletal health.

● Chemical and biological agents.

● General workplace issues.

● Work equipment.

● Fire.

● Electricity.

After The NEBOSH igc course the learners would successfully be able to: Ensure the need for health and safety improvement

● Give proper guidance and advice to protect the health and safety at the organisation.

● Support the organisation in order to manage the contractors.

● Collabate with both the health and safety management systems.

● Become an inspiration by providing accurate measures and remedies in the health and safety culture.

● Monitor through risk assessment a 5 step approach at the workplace.

● In-depth analysis and learning of changes that affect a workplace in order to remove it’s impact.

● Safer and secure work system which incorporates emergency arrangements and systematic use of permit to work approach.

● Be a active participant in incident investigation.

● Support the co workers by checking the efficacy and working of health and safety sectors through identification,close verification and successful review.