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About Us

We are Frontier!

Frontier are experts in education – in quality education. Our combined expertise means that we can cover all aspects of education. Online education is our specialty. We therefore choose the institutions we work with carefully to ensure that you are always provided with the highest quality and most affordable online courses available worldwide.

We are professionals and experts in our work, so we do it exceptionally well. The courses we have selected for you, have been carefully assessed for their quality and educational soundness. We will be constantly monitoring these courses to ensure that our high standards are maintained, while we also seek new courses to add to our provision. Our promise to you is to assist you reach your educational goals and employment aspirations.


Our History

We have Kick Started! (2020)

Frontier Online Institute prides itself on being one of the best online academies in the world. We are a team of highly qualified and expert trainers in all the courses we provide who joined hands to initiate a top-notch online institution after realizing the need since the COVID outbreak and lockdown.

Incredible Results (2020)

Since it started, we have been delivering outstanding results and have witnessed a remarkable change in people's lives that has persuaded us to continue online education and introduce a wide range of courses meeting the different needs of students of all age groups.

Courses Added! (2021)

Professional courses from different Sectors like Finance, IT, Human Resource, Aviation, Languages, Soft Skills, Safety First are added.

We have Launched our Website! (2022)

Ease of Communication. Once a website is built, teachers can direct students to check the website for valuable information related to the class.

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Our Passionate Team


Mr. Mohammed Haris

British-certified TESOL, TTT, Soft skills & Corporate Trainer

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Your Life.

Up-skilling is the acquisition of new skills to enable the employee to better manage his or her tasks. Skills upgrading can also enable employees to broaden their knowledge in order to progress within the company. In all cases, it allows employees to gain autonomy, motivation and increase their performance.

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